The effect of your excuses   What is the effect of your excuses?  We often have two choices:  to fall to the level of our excuses, or to rise to the level of our potential.  I heard that phrase somewhere and it really struck a chord.  

But, boy can that sofa be tempting.  And the ironing seem alluring.  And haven’t you done enough to deserve catching up on your favourite box-set?

But excuses lead to a much less comfortable place:  the place of regret.   They make your goals, your aspirations, your dreams seem all the more impossible.  Goals take regular steps in the right direction.  Even the tiniest step in the right direction is a good start because it leads to the next one.  And the next.  And the next.

Complete this sentence:  I would love to ….. but …….  The answer is likely to give you your excuses.  Are they real?  Truly?  Is there a workaround?  What would it take to overcome them?  How would someone else be able to overcome them?  This last question is a great way to unlock your creative mind to find ways through.

Of course the laundry needs to be done and yes, we do deserve a rest,  and there is nothing wrong with watching a box-set.  But if these are constant excuses that get in the way of the steps towards your goals, you are limiting yourself.  And when it comes to your day of reckoning, you are not going to be pleased that you watched so many box-sets, or your laundry cupboard was always tidy.  You will be looking at whether you fulfilled your potential:  were you the best you could be?

Goals are possible and you are possible when you prioritise well, recognise fear and procrastination for what they are (False Evidence Appearing Real) and work through them (Feel Everything And Rise).  The sense of achievement you can expect to enjoy offer far more than the transient joys of another box-set.  And let’s remember that we are always teaching our children so if they see you doing what it takes, they will learn that from you.  If they see you making excuses, they will learn that from you.  We are always teaching… and we can always learn.

And, of course, if you need an extra boost, you know where to come.  Call if you want to know more.  I can be reached on 0345 130 0854.  You’ll be glad you did.