Stress Resilience Support Group

  • Is it becoming hard to put on a brave face?
  • Are stress levels higher than ever?

I am seeing this in so many of my clients that I have decided to set up a stress resilience online support group.  We meet on Fridays at 3.30 for an hour and a half.  Stress resilience is a corner stone of success, health, happiness and positive relationships.  Life is not getting easier; we are expected to cope with more uncertainty than ever; life has become really complicated and it can feel as though you are alone in your struggle.  For some, home feels more like a prison than a sanctuary in this extended lockdown.  If worry, anxiety and stress are causing you to withdraw, become irritable, indecisive, demotivated and even lost, this group can help you.

Stress Resilience Online Support Group Meetings

Though I love working with individuals, there is something powerful when a group of people join together with a common purpose.

It is a meeting of like-minded people with problems very similar to your own.  A confidential and safe space where you can feel heard, understood, supported and with a sense of connection to people who know what it’s like.

Groups will be small and intimate so you will get my full attention.

 About Me – Your Group Facilitator

I am an integrative coach, therapist and author with 22 years experience.  I usually see people in Byfleet Village, Surrey or Harley Street, London but this group will meet online, using Zoom – an online video platform.  This means that geography is not a barrier to joining.  To participate all you need is a PC/laptop, a good internet connection, some earphones (to maintain confidentiality of the group) and a willingness for things to be easier.  If you are interested, please email me at with your telephone numbers so we can arrange a chat to discuss this in more detail to see if it is right for you.

The Details and How to Find Out More

We will meet for 8 consecutive Fridays, starting 22nd May.  The price will be £225 which includes a private 1:1 session outside of the group.  This is a small fraction of the price it would be to see me personally.  And, if you don’t feel the group is right for you at the first meeting, I will refund you £195 so you only contribute to that session.  This ensures that you are making the right decision for you.  If you have any questions, do let me know on 0345 130 0854.



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