Is life unravelling or unfolding for you?  Does your world feel chaotic with many demands pulling you from one direction to another and from one challenge to another?  Without the right insights, tools and techniques, life can feel overwhelming and takes more from you than it gives.  If you would like to live your life in celebration, join us for this unique event.

Benefits of attending Living Life

  • How to navigate through the chaos of life and transcend stress
  • How to create greater self-insight and self-acceptance
  • How to tap into your resilience and resourcefulness
  • How to deal with regret, fears and advancing years
  • How to come through feeling stronger and wiser such that life becomes a celebration of who you are, unique and whole, with everything happening for your benefit

This workshop brings together four wise women, skilled in the art of personal transformation.

It balances practical exercises with talks and a chance to interact with fellow delegates.  You will also have an opportunity at the end to have a Q&A with our speakers, all of whom have a wealth of experience.  If you want to feel more empowered, less stressed and live a purpose-ful life.

Click here for more information about the event, and our speakers.

What our delegates thought of the day:

"Thank you hugely for helping and guiding to grow, move forward and evolve".
Sarah, London

"Amazing day packed with wisdom and practical tools."

"Carole, Tricia, Foszia and Helen offered a richly textured tapestry of wisdom, insights and practical support for how and why we keep ourselves stuck and how to move beyond and really enjoy our lives.  A warm and lovely day with terrific fellow participants.  A big thank you".
Geraldine, London

"This day must be the first; an amazing success.  I have enjoyed meeting and being guided by all of you.  Thank you."
Sarah, Oxshott