Are you feeling stuck?  Wanting things to be different but struggling to make the change?  Feeling as though you have your foot on the break and the accelerator at the same time?  Or even trapped and can't find a way out?  Feeling stuck happens to everyone from time to time.

Reasons you could be feeling stuck

There are three main reasons you could be feeling stuck:

1.  Often the reason is that, while you want change, there is an unconscious drive to keep things as they are - some kind of benefit to the status quo which your conscious mind is unaware of.  This is where hypnotherapy really comes into its own.  Often my clients report great insights from this and it can feel like the key finally fits in the lock to free you.

2.  Change requires a skill you don't yet have.  I help a lot of my clients learn the skills they need to create new habits and achieve their goals with much more ease than they could on their own.  Sometimes we don't know how to create change, so I work with you to guide you through.

3.  Lack of support.  This may be encouragement or help from someone who understands.  But it could also be that someone - a friend or relative -  is dragging you back when you make progress, sabotaging your efforts whether they realise it or not.  Either way, working together, I support you in the change you want to make and help you deal with any possible saboteurs respectfully and firmly.

Help is available now

So, if you would like to make a change in your life, with the support of a professional who understands, call me now on 0345 130 0854.  You'll be glad you did - after all, feeling empowered is better than feeling stuck, right?