What if, in doing something for you, you are Giving Back to others too?

As you know, Your Empowered Self is about Empowerment, so making the decision to do something for yourself fits in perfectly with that. When you take good care of you, you are in a much better position, to be there for others, to do well in life, to thrive at work. So, in recognition of this, I have teamed up with B1G1 to help make the world a better place with my Giving Back program.

By subscribing to my newsletter and/or YouTube Channel you will receive a wealth of resources, free of charge, to support you and for everyone who signs up, one tree will be planted:  a lovely way of Giving Back so the world benefits.


Why trees?

  • They are good environment
  • They reduce carbon emissions
  • They clean the air that we breathe
  • They create jobs
  • They enhance mood
  • They reduce stress
  • They can produce food
  • They can create homes and they can furnish homes
  • They create homes for birds and play spaces for animals and children
  • They are a great metaphor for life:

A tree has roots in the soil yet reaches for the sky. It tells us that in order to aspire we need to be grounded and that no matter how high we go, it is from our roots that we draw sustenance. Wangari Maatchai


Trees also teach us the art and importance of letting go: the fall of leaves in the Autumn creates its own beauty, is a precursor to a season of reflection and rest and prepares and allows for new growth in the Spring. Your strength comes from your ability to bend and be flexible so that you don't break in times of trouble.

In the resources you will receive you will find ways of letting go, reflecting, resting and growing.

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About B1G1

Cancer Research UK

I also support Cancer Research UK. I have created an Inspirations Journal and all proceeds go directly to the charity. This Inspirations Journal is designed to give you daily encouragement and time to reflect as well as help you move forward; it will help keep you motivated either for a change you want to make or for life in general and covers the next 30 days.There is a minimum donation of £5. So you get to help you and those suffering from cancer too. To find out more, click here.