According to the British Dietetic Association, most people will put on 5lbs between Christmas and New Year.  Depending on your height, that might be a whole dress size for you (or waist size if you’re a man).  That’s a big difference to your waistline and most of you will be struggling to get into your clothes and feeling pretty bloated and sluggish.

So, to help you get back in shape and develop a healthier relationship with food, I am running a unique weight loss workshop – 30 day program to help you lose those extra pounds safely.

You’ve tried every other way, now try The Only Weigh ®.

My approach is unique, incorporating nutrition, food intolerance testing, coaching and hypnotherapy so that you develop a slim mindset.  You will become motivated for healthy eating and exercise.  That’s got to be good, right?

This is what you will get:

  • A one-day workshop where you will create your personal action plan with a qualified weight loss expert
  • Become motivated for healthy eating and exercise
  • Discover your physical and psychological weight loss enemies and what to do about them
  • Develop a slim mindset
  • Bonuses worth £300
  • Membership to The Only Weigh ® Facebook Group

An astonishing 95% of diets fail.  This mind-body-spirit approach will help you overcome this to lead a richer, happier and healthier life, with you back in control.


I went to see Tricia to lose weight and I found myself.  Her approach is positive and reassuring. She is supportive and never judgemental.

Very interesting, fun, educational with lots of light bulb moments.

This gave me the incentive and enthusiasm to move me forward with my weight loss goals.

Enjoy extra bonuses!

  • Food intolerance test
  • Ultimate Weight Loss CD
  • Unique support program – going on a course is great for gaining clarity, motivation and inspiration for change, as well as learning new techniques to help you manage that change.  However, with this package you will also receive ongoing support.  As well as four half-hour coaching sessions you will get daily inspirations to keep you on track

Places are strictly limited so you get focused attention.

£197 including bonuses and support

To register your interest, email me, Tricia Woolfrey, at or call me on 0345 130 0854.  You’ll be glad you did!