Best chance of a good year?  Good intentions are one thing.  Good results are something else.  The gap between the two is the quality and consistency of your actions.

For most, good intentions are forgotten in the maelstrom of life:  stress gets in the way and other priorities fight for your attention.  But, if you want 2018 to be your best year yet, making sure that the commitments you make to yourself happen more easily than ever before will make all the difference.  In this article I will share with you my top tips for making them so.


4 Steps

  1. Work on one goal at a time. What is your biggest priority?  It needs to be stated in terms of what you want, rather than what you don’t want.
  2. List all the benefits to achieving this goal.  You want to take some time for this because your unconscious mind will take more notice if the benefits are greater and more numerous, so make it a good, strong list.
  3. Consider what you have to stop doing, start doing and continue doing in order to achieve your goal. Any change worthwhile will need a mixture of these approaches.
  4. Virtualisation: Imagine yourself achieving your goals using all your senses and as richly as possible.  What will you see, hear, think, smell, and taste?   The more detail you have, the more vibrant it is, the better the result.  This is like a dress rehearsal for the mind and, the more you do it, the more your mind will consider this natural and effortless for you.


The Only Comparison Worth Making

It was Theodore Roosevelt who said that comparison is a thief of joy.  Forget about what other people are or are not doing.  The only comparison you need to make is how you have improved against yourself since yesterday.  A fraction of a millimetre is progress.  Think of change as a marathon, not a sprint.  Small steps, consistently taken, will achieve the prize.  Too much too soon and you can exhaust yourself and give up too easily.  A journal will help you to keep on track (see 21 Ways and 21 Days to the Life You Want which has a 21 day journal plus much, much more).  The joy is in the progress.  Even if you slide a little, learn from your experience, get back on track and continue the journey.  You will succeed.  And 2018 will have every possibility of being your best year yet.


Best Chance with a Little Help

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Wishing you a Happy, Successful, Abundant and Healthy New Year!