Perfect TimeHave you found yourself saying “I will do that when …..”?  Like there is some magical perfect time for you to do what you want to do, live how you want to live or be who you want to be.


“When …. I will ….”  Like the perfect conditions have to be in place before things get really good.   Like there is something magical in the perfect timing for things to work out flawlessly.


And time passes.  Days turn into weeks.  Weeks turn into months.  Months turn into years.  And it feels like there is always a reasonable excuse to delay further as one thing may have resolved, but something else has slipped, making the ideal formula for perfect timing evermore elusive.


Although there has to be a certain order to some things (like a recipe, if you bake something before putting in the spices, the dish is spoiled), most change needs one thing.  And that is the right habits.  And the best timing for those?  Now.  You can start those habits which create the conditions to make the change you want.


Change is Not an Event


And if you start now, it feels a lot easier.  It will feel more natural.   Change is not an event but a process.  And, before you know it, change has happened.  As if by magic.

The Perfect Time Questions


Three questions for you:

  • What is something you are putting off until the perfect time?
  • What are the habits which you can cultivate which create the right conditions for that?
  • When will you start?


And, of course, if you want help making the right conditions for change, do give me a call on 0345 130 0854.  Or get in touch here.


© Tricia Woolfrey


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