Getting Unstuck
Getting Unstuck

We all feel stuck sometimes.  Trapped in a pattern we don't like.  But for some, that feeling is unrelenting.  No matter how hard someone tries, or how many new starts they make, they stay stuck.  No matter what pain it causes, they stay stuck.  No matter the strength of desire for change, they stay stuck.  Why is that?

There are many reasons but here are my top 3:

Top 3 Ways to Get Unstuck

1. Make it Positive

When saying what you want to achieve you are stating it in the negative rather than the positive. For example, “Not to have so many rows with my partner” is a negative outcome.  The mind finds these very difficult to process so it is better to state it in the positive, ie “To have a harmonious, honest and respectful relationship with my partner.”  The mind knows what to do with that.

2.  Skills to Achieve

You aren’t sure how to achieve it. This may be because it feels too big, in which case break it down into small steps.  Or it may be that you don’t yet have the skills required to achieve it.  I often work with clients to build the skills so that change feels easier.

3. Dealing with Self-Sabotage

You are self-sabotaging. This is usually because there are benefits to the problem not necessarily understood by your conscious mind.   When I work with clients they often say there are no benefits at all, but we then discover there are very powerful benefits which explain their stuckness.

For example, the person who wants to cut down on their drinking (or comfort eating) and find that in times of stress they reach for the wine, chocolate or similar.  This behaviour serves a purpose in the moment while at the same time creates and exacerbates a problem.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent way of dealing with this internal conflict in a respectful, insightful and impactful way as it resolves the internal conflict.  It goes into the unconscious mind, making change easier.  I also teach a mind-body-spirit form of self-hypnosis to help you achieve this in the privacy of your own mind.  I am running a retreat on this in October, so if you prefer to do this for yourself, book now beefore it's too late.

Otherwise, if you would like to find out how I can help you 1:1, do get in touch.

Getting unstuck is absolutely possible, once you have the right strategy in place.

Here's to you.

Tricia Woolfrey




PS  Have you booked onto my retreat yet?  What better way is there of getting unstuck?

PPS  If you are interested in finding out how hypnosis and self-hypnosis differ from mindfulness and meditation, watch this short video.