The Five Principles of ChangeThe Five Principles of Change

Change can be difficult to do on your own which is why many seek the help of a professional.  Even so, there comes a time when you are left to your own devices and so the following principles will help you stay on track.  Whenever you are at a choice-point (problem, or non-problem behaviour – ie have another drink or say no / eat the cake or choose an apple / procrastinate or do it now), go through these five principles of change before you finally decide:

Principle 1

You Have One Life

You get to choose whether you fulfil your potential and your goals or whether you live with regrets and if-only’s.

Principle 2

You Have Free-Will and Response-Ability

You are not hostage to your habits, desires or excuses – you have the power of choice and are able to choose your responses in any given situation.

Principle 3

The Most Important Thing you Ever Do is Decide What’s Important

This is usually a battle between short-term pleasure and long-term goals.  But, in choosing short-term pleasure it is often at the cost of your long-term goals.

Principle 4

All Choices Have Consequences

Be honest with yourself about the consequences of your choices before making your decision.

Principle 5

You are Either Moving Towards or Away From Your Goals

Do you want to set yourself back or move yourself forward?

Whenever you are at a choice-point, go through the principles, one at a time.  It will almost certainly help you make the “right” choice:  towards the change you want.  It will empower you and create change-supportive habits.

Of course, if you need additional help, I am here to support you.  Get in touch to find out how.

© Tricia Woolfrey 2013

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