Learn from Trees


Can we really learn from trees?  All of the seasons have their own unique beauty and qualities, just as we do.  I often think that we can borrow a lot from nature.  As we enter Autumn, it is useful to reflect on what trees can teach us as they are perhaps the most visible representation of the season.


  1. Stay grounded

Just as the roots of the trees reach deep into the earth helping them to hold firm when the weather is turbulent, if you imagine that you are deeply connected with the earth through the soles of your feet, you too can feel strong and grounded.  This is particularly important when life is chaotic.

  1. Stand tall and proud

As well as stretching deep into the ground, trees reach high into the sky, proud.  Even in the face of storms, they stand tall and proud.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do the same?  Standing tall and proud helps you to feel stronger, to face up to life with courage and strength.

  1. Be flexible

Hands up anyone who hasn’t felt incredibly challenged in the last couple of years.  I think you would have had to have been asleep not to have been affected.  But what gets you through such times is the ability to be flexible:  to adapt and change is an invaluable life skill.  Not only does it take the pressure off (wanting things to be as they were in the past is a terrible burden: resisting reality takes up so much mental energy and saps your joy).  Being flexible means you don’t break in times of challenge.  Embracing change helps you make the most of what is happening, to move forward and beyond.

  1. Broaden perspective

The branches of a tree reach far and wide.  You can use this in two different ways.  The first is the way you look at things.  Being able to see a situation in context helps you to keep perspective.  Too often we see things in a very limited way which leads to misunderstandings and limitations. The second way to see this is to be inclusive.  Life can take over and we can become too introspective and/or insular.  By connecting with others, and including others, you are enriching your experience, gaining support and giving support too. We are sociable beings.

  1. Let go of what no longer serves you

One of my favourite things about Autumn is how the leaves change and then fall.  It is as though they realise that it is time to let go, after appreciating their beauty one last time. Recognising any benefit or pleasure you got from it once, what is it time to let go of?  Letting go leads on to the next lesson.

  1. Make room for what’s new in your life

When you let go of things that are no longer in your best interests, you make room for things that serve you better.  What would you like to make room for?

  1. Nourish yourself

Trees get nourishment from the soil, the sun, the air and the rain.  You too need the right level of nourishment, in the right quantities to keep you healthy mentally and physically.


There is so much to learn from nature, don’t you think?  And, I know it sounds weird, but if you haven’t already, try hugging a tree.  Really connect with it.  When a friend first asked me to do this, I thought she was mad.  But looking carefully around me to see if anyone was watching, I did it anyway.  It is incredibly grounding and beautiful!

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(c)  Tricia Woolfrey


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