Another year like this?

Best year yetAnother year of this?  Will this make it your best year yet?  How did that question make you feel?  I am guessing one of three reactions:

1.  Curiosity – what’s this all about?
2.  Excitement – yes, I get more of this?
3.  Oh no – I couldn’t stand another year like this

This is typically the time of year when you think about what you want in the year ahead.  But this year more than ever:  it’s as I feared.  Post-pandemic, people are still recovering from the emotional fallout.  It has impacted people’s mental health and lives more than could have been anticipated and for much longer than expected.  If you add to this additional personal crises each of us experience, together with all the world crises which are going on, it’s hard to keep our lives on track with any sense of purpose or positivity when we feel so battle-worn.

So, how would you like your life to be?  If you could wave a magic wand, what would you want to be different?  What transformation are you looking for?  Less stress and more  balance?  Something in your relationships?  Your health?  Your career?  A bad habit you would like to break?  A new habit you would like to form?  Improved mood?  Better boundaries?  Transcend a painful past?

Life can be like a merry-go-round.  Fun at first.  But you can feel trapped and it can be hard to get off or to change direction.  Getting unstuck can be hard on your own.  You may be motivated for change but motivation is a fair-weather friend.  When you feel good, it’s high and everything’s easy: unless you’re focusing on other things in which case change drops off the radar.  But when you don’t feel good, it can feel like you’re wading through treacle:  either way, you don’t get the consistency you need to make change happen for you.  And hope is not a strategy.  But there is hope:

Real change needs something more.  There are three ways I can support you in having your best year yet:

1:1 Support (if you are really serious about 2024 being your year)
This can be a Breakthrough Session or by working deeper on the issue/transformation you would like.

Low Cost Support
I have a huge range of self-help products (books and hypnosis MP3s) and packages available on my website.  The packages have proved very popular (just scroll down the page to see what you are most drawn to).  Or you can have a chat with me if you aren’t sure which seems best.

Free Support
As a way of getting free advice and tips to help you live life better, you may want to sign up for my newsletter.  You get a free Your Key to Unlock Your Future available from here  You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time and still get to keep Your Key to Unlock Your Future.


Additionally, my YouTube Channel has a wide vriety of free resources to support you.  For anyone who subscribes by 31st January, you can receive a free Affirmations MP3, worth £10.  That’s my gift to you.  Just subscribe and email me your confirmation to receive your free MP3.

Whatever you decide, make 2024 matter.  Life’s too short not to for you and those you care about.

To your best year yet!





PS  Some new services I have introduced:

Divorce Support: Getting divorced is rarely, if ever, easy.  I have a new package that guides you through the emotional aspects of it.  From the grief over what has been lost, the anger over what has happened, the fear of the future and any guilt you might be feeling about what’s happened.  All to help you come through the other side with a clear way forward, with self-esteem and resilience for your future.

Bariatric Surgery Support to add to all the eating disorder work I do.  Bariatric surgery is not the magic bullet people think it is.  You still have to be careful about what you eat.  It can change how you feel about yourself and it can impact relationships.  Professional support helps you leverage on your investment if you choose this route.

A brand new one will be announced soon – I’m always looking at ways to serve my clients in the best way possible.  Keep your eyes peeled!