Today is the Future You Created Yesterday  Today is the future you created yesterday?  Whatever you believe to be true about life, one thing is certain – time passes whether you like it or not. This, in turn, means that one of three things have happened:

1. You have moved closer to your goals
2. You have stayed where you are
3. You have slipped backwards

Today is tomorrow’s yesterday and whatever decisions you make today will affect your tomorrows.

On the other hand, it’s encouraging to know that any difficulties you anticipate will soon be part of your yesterdays.  But also the habits and behaviours you repeat become stronger each time they are repeated.

We frequently subordinate our long term goals and dreams for short term comfort or ease but we pay a price: a life unfulfilled. And then regrets follow.

Isn’t it easier to take those steps now so you are constantly progressing? Even slow progress is better than no progress. Each action you take means the painful past is further away and doesn’t have to affect you any more, unless you let it.

Simple, but not necessarily easy. But then, all things worthwhile are difficult before they are easy, aren’t they?

So what habits would you like to start today which will make your tomorrows richer?

Remember, today is the future you created yesterday.

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