Wellness Awareness Week
National Wellness Week

It’s National Wellness Month.  But what is wellness?  There are actually several components to wellness.  The most obvious aspect of wellness, of course, is health. But health is more than an absence of symptoms.  In fact, I am proof positive that you can feel healthy and still be harbouring a serious illness (thankfully dealt with now).

Wellness generally can be described as your ability and freedom to experience and enjoy your fullest potential.

Wellbeing Factors

My own model of wellbeing covers four factors:

  1. Physical wellbeing

    1. Freedom from debilitating and weakening effects of illness
    2. Feeling naturally energised with the ability to enjoy rest
    3. For all your body systems to be functioning together and optimally. This includes, but is not limited to, your heart, your liver, your digestive system and your immune system
  2. Psychological wellbeing

    1. Having the confidence to be yourself
    2. Feeling motivated
    3. Having peace and joy as a foundation for living
    4. Freedom from anxiety and depression
    5. The ability to transcend negative stress, stronger and wiser but not brittle or broken from it
  3. Social wellbeing

    1. Reliable relationships built on trust, collaboration, fairness, support and a strong sense of connectedness
    2. To have and maintain appropriate boundaries
  4. Spiritual wellbeing

    1. Having a sense of meaning and purpose in your life
    2. To live life according to your values and your purpose

Other models include financial wellbeing, career wellbeing and time welbeing.

All of these need to be in balance but we tend to focus on one or two at the expense of all.  Think about whether you are happy with your levels of wellness in all areas and whether there is an imbalance which can be addressed.  What bad habits have you got yourself into?  Are elements of self-care can you introduce to get yourself back on track?  What stressors in your life need better management?  

Everything is easier when you are at your best.  If you would like a wellness assessment (blind-spots get in the way of self-assessment), do call me on 0345 130 0854 to find out more.

To your wellness!

Tricia Woolfrey


PS  Here is what the World Health Organisation say about wellbeing.