Low energy   Want to know how to have more energy?  One of the questions I ask my clients is how they would rate their energy. I am amazed at the number of people who aren’t happy with their levels of energy. Sometimes it is because they feel low emotionally and their energy mirrors their mood. Or they are trying to keep a lid on any negative emotions which is leaving them exhausted. Sometimes it’s because they are overworked or overwhelmed. Sometimes it is down to lifestyle. And other times it is due to diet. It is a highly complex area. So, take this simple quiz.

Energy Quiz

Do you:

  1. Wake up tired?
  2. Perk up once you have your first coffee (or three)?
  3. Have a lot of energy but when you stop, you feel like you’re in a coma?
  4. Feel better as soon as you’ve eaten something?
  5. 5. Feel energised when you do something you like?
  6. Perk up when you have a deadline looming?
  7. Feel generally rundown and overwhelmed?
  8. Have a calm, stable energy throughout the day?

Reasons for low energy

Apart from number 8, each of them signifies a different kind of problem. For example, waking up tired can be because your liver is not functioning at its best (your liver detoxes during the night), it could be because of poor sleep (and that in itself can have a number of factors contributing to it), and it may be because you are mulling over all your problems in your sleep so that you wake up exhausted.  It could even be because of the electro-magnetic fields you are surrounded with.  Everyone is different.

OK but not OK

Number 3 might sound OK but is actually a sign of adrenal fatigue – this can eventually lead to burnout, where your batteries are completely empty and you have no energy for anything. And you don’t want to go there!

They could all even be linked. But the important thing to know is that you can enjoy good levels of stable energy throughout the day. This helps you deal with life’s challenges more effectively and enjoy the good times more fully.

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