Stage Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy – What’s the difference?

A new TV show has been launched which usually raises questions about the difference between stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  There are a number of important differences which I am going to share with you here.

The Similarities

However, let’s start with some similarities:

  • You “volunteer” yourself for the hypnotic experience
  • Once there, you will only enter hypnosis if you want to
  • No matter what the trailer tells you, you will not do anything you don’t want to do 

The Differences

And now, here are the main differences:

A properly trained hypnotherapist has been trained, not just in hypnosis, but also in how to give you therapy to achieve positive results   In my humble opinion, someone who is interested in your psychological wellbeing will not also want to take centre stage to make fun of people.  But it’s only my opinion …
Hypnotherapy is undertaken for your benefit only    Hypnosis is undertaken for the entertainment of others
It works for your highest good   Even though the hypnotist cannot get you to do anything which you don’t want to, you may, outside the comfort of hypnosis, experience some regret at what you allowed to take place in the spirit of the moment
You make the appointment yourself and only enter into hypnosis because you want to and if you feel comfortable with the therapist.    You are selected from a bank of volunteers and groomed for the purpose of entertainment and because you think it’s fun








A question I am often asked is whether hypnotherapy can achieve the desired result in one session, based on the fact that this is what they see of people going onto a stage.  Quacking like a duck?  One session?  Sing like Elvis?  One session.  Do a funny walk when you hear a trigger word?  One session.

Different Content

With stage hypnosis there is no emotional content.  The only people who get up on the stage are those who want to.  Usually extraverts but sometimes introverts who have a little part of them that want their moment in the limelight. They know what they are signing themselves up for and, for the most part, they go along with it.  They still have the option to opt out at any point.  And, if they don’t comply with the hypnotists instructions, they will be asked to leave the stage.  They don’t show you that on the TV.

With hypnotherapy, people come with a problem which has usually been affecting them for some time.  They have tried to resolve it themselves but can’t.  This can be because problems frequently have layers, often hidden in the subconscious, which need to be addressed.  It is the role of the hypnotherapist to work through these layers, skilfully, and sensitively and it works as quickly as your subconscious mind is ready to accept the changes.  Some people are ready right away, other people need more time.  Sometimes there are subsconscious blocks which need to be overcome.  So the work is a partnership between hypnotherapist and client.  The results can be liberating and can last far longer than the laughter from a stage show.

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