The Power of a Single Thought
The Power of a Single ThoughtThe power of a single thought:  whatever fresh stress comes along, if you knew you were just one thought away from feeling better, would that surprise you?  Just a thought?  A thought?  Does that mean stress is a thought?  Yes and no.  But if feeling better is one thought away, and you own your thoughts, then that means you can feel better with thought.  Doesn’t that stack up?

Our First Reaction to a Problem

Let me explain.  As I write this, we are in our third lockdown.  For many people, they will be thinking things along the lines of:

  • “This is terrible”
  • “How long is this going on for?”
  • “I don’t think I can cope much more”

As a reaction to what’s going on, they are not unexpected, or even unreasonable.  But their effect is unpleasant because they create within us feelings such as worry, anxiety and fear.  Who wants to go through a challenging period with the added “bonus” of worry, anxiety and fear?  We can pretend we feel differently, eg “I am happy”, “Life is good”, etc but these can create an internal resistance because they do not match our inner landscape.  It is true that the more you repeat these affirmations with conviction, the better you will feel but who knows how quickly or slowly that will happen?

Creating a Different Experience

Instead, we can focus on creating a different experience.  The opposite of feeling stuck, is to feel free – a tall order right now but not completely impossible.  There is a concept called The Three Principles.  It teaches that we are all living in the feeling of our thinking.  So, we can either live in the negativity of our thoughts, or create a new experience.  I share with you my own personal alternatives, that give me a sense of freedom and choice.  You might try these or versions of these which work best for you:

  • “OK, another day in lockdown, what can I do to make it matter, so it isn’t wasted?” (Start/progress/finish off something which will make me feel good: I have done so much during lockdown I wouldn’t have been able to without it)
  • “What can I do today that nourishes me?” (Meditation; a walk in nature with the dog; call a friend for a catch-up; read my book with a cup of herbal tea, facing onto the garden with my dog by my side, watch a lovely film)
  • “It’s amazing: I’ve made it through 100% of ALL the bad stuff which has happened in my life: and I’m definitely stronger and wiser for them.  This is just one more and will be but a memory one day.” (This really makes me feel empowered and that I can handle anything – because I have.  Maybe a bit bruised and battered sometimes, but I made it 😉 )

As soon as you feel anything negative, check out your thinking, it will be negative, guaranteed.  Then just change your focus and you change your feeling.

And if my examples made you feel worse, it’s because you had a thought that made you feel worse after reading them.  Pure and simple.  You may want to call it an inconvenient truth.

Need More Support?

This is simple, but I’m not saying it’s easy and it isn’t magic either.  But it works if you work it.  If you are finding this too challenging to do on your own, you might prefer to work 1:1 so I can help you on your way to creating a new experience of your life by no longer being hostage to your thoughts.  I can be reached on 0345 130 0854 for a no obligation chat to find out more, do get in touch.  You’ll be glad you did.

To your health and happiness.

Tricia Woolfrey

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