Feel Positive Package

Save £16.95 and get all of the below at a discounted price of £30.00

  • Think Positive, Feel Good book
  • Affirmations MP3
  • Natural phenolic remedy to lift the mood

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Feel Positive with this exclusive package to help you overcome depression and negative thinking patterns.

Negative thinking is a curse for many people as it affects your mood, your work, your relationships and even your health.  It is like a cloud over your day so that even the good times can’t be enjoyed properly.  But you don’t have to put up with it:  this is a package to help you feel better, more positive, more empowered and more hopeful.  It even helps you save money too!


About Your Feel Positive Package

The Package consists of:

  • Think Positive, Feel Good book, a workbook to help transform your thinking
  • Affirmations MP3 to help create a positive mindset
  • Natural remedy to help lift the mood (because mood can be a factor of biology as well as emotions and psychology)


This combination of products can really help you to feel better.  When you feel better, life is easier, you feel more confident and problems feel smaller.

Save Money Too


Save £16.95 and get all of the below at a discounted price of £30.00


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