Stress consequences.  Sometimes we sail through life at such speed, we are unaware of what’s happening to us or the effect this is having.  However, stress has consequences on your life, your relationships , your career and your health, often by stealth.

Stress consequences  Stressors have multiple minor sources (eg losing your keys); or a couple of things which are low level but consistent and slowly eroding your resilience (eg a neighbour who keeps taking your parking space); or it may be something huge which has happened to you, whether long ago, or recently.  


The effect of stress

Whatever the cause, they have an accumulative effect which builds up over time, often unnoticed until it has taken hold.

And, if you leave it too long before you address it, it takes longer to resolve.  As I write this, a report has come out that even GPs have resorted to substance abuse to help them ‘deal’ with stress.  But of course alcohol doesn’t help you deal with stress at all.  It only masks it.  And it can lead to all kinds of issues at home and at work.   Stress is at a epidemic proportions so it’s important to recognise the causes and take action now.


Help yourself, help others too

My next book is going to be about this complicated and important subject.   As part of my research, I have developed a tool will also help you to reflect on what is happening in your life and how it might be affecting you.  Because everybody is different.

To look at what impact stress is having on you personally, take a look at this link.  The questionnaire will take about 5 minutes to complete and not only will you be helping yourself, you may well be helping others too.

Thank you so much.

Oh, and of course you know you can always contact me if you need any personal help.