Stop Smoking Package

Save £14.95 and get all of the below at a discounted price of £45.00

  • Stop Smoking CD
  • Stop Smoking Booklet
  • An Inside Job self-hypnosis book
  • Natural remedy to deal with tobacco addiction

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The Stop Smoking Package works synergistically to help you become a non-smoker with far more ease.  Most people don’t want to smoke:  it’s expensive, anti-social and bad for your health.  But stopping can be very difficult.   You may have tried before but started again.  This is not unusual but this package will help you stay stopped.  It makes it easier for you by tackling the psychological and biological components of the smoking habit.


If you want to be a non-smoker. this is a terrific investment which will save you thousands.  People spend thousands each year on a habit they don’t even like – this is an opportunity to take back control and spend/invest that money in ways that you will enjoy much more.  How would you like to spend the money you’ve saved?


Your Stop Smoking Package consists of:

  • Stop Smoking Hypnosis MP3.  This helps to reprogram your mind to be a happy and healthy non-smoker
  • Stop Smoking Booklet with facts and tips to support you being a non-smoker
  • An Inside Job self-hypnosis book.  Self-hypnosis helps you deal with whatever emotions may have kept you in the smoking habit (including stress if you tend to smoke when you’re stressed) and will also further support you in life as a non-smoker
  • Natural remedy to deal with tobacco addiction.  This works at a biological level.


As well as the money you save from not having to smoke any more, you save £14.95 and get the entire package at a discounted price of £45.00.  Such a small investment for such a huge benefit:  not just to you but your loved ones too.  If you have ever seen a loved one go through lung cancer and its treatment, as I did with both my parents, you will know what I mean.


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