Meal Planner (E-Book)

Whether you want to be healthier or to lose weight, planning your meals to make sure you get enough of the nutrients you need for health and energy are essential to help you get on track and stay there.

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This Meal Planner E-Book will help you plan meals to help you achieve your weight loss and health goals.   Why a meal planner?  It is well known that planning your meals in advance makes weight loss easier by reducing the risk of impulse buying.

This Meal Planner E-Book has easy-to-follow instructions and lots of information so you can plan your meals in the best way possible.  Your planner includes the following:

  • A 7 day meal plan to support you, including a sample meal plan so you have a template to work from
  • A Guide to Healthy Eating so you can make informed choices around food
  • Recommended and optimal intake information to help you plan healthy meals
  • Portion size guidelines to help you understand what’s appropriate for you
  • Information on glycaemic index (to help you choose the right foods for weight loss and sustainable energy)
  • What different nutrients do for you and which foods provide them
  • A shopping list, to make your weekly shop much easier and avoid those impulse buys

So, if you want to start making healthy eating and/or losing weight easy, this is a great investment for you.

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