Overcome Chronic Fatigue/ME Hypnosis MP3

  • Do you feel overcome with tiredness?
  • Does perfectionism rule your life and rob you of energy?
  • Are you so exhausted that your mind feels foggy and you can’t think straight?

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Overcome Chronic Fatigue and ME (Myalgic Encephalmyelitis) with this excellent recording.  Whatever your official diagnosis, these conditions are debilitating.  If you are an overachiever (a trait which is often linked to the condition), it is likely that you are ignoring the symptoms in favour of other priorities and deadlines, making your symptoms even worse.  This is particularly true for symptoms such as extreme fatigue, difficulties concentrating and brain fog:  it’s a viscious cycle.

About this Recording

This recording is designed to help you to listen to your body’s needs; to let go of trying so hard; and thereby enabling you to achieve more with greater ease.

The background music is specifically designed to work in synch with your heartbeat to help you relax so that the suggestions go directly into your subconscious mind.


Here is what one happy customer said:

“I have been suffering from chronic fatigue for about 10 years now. As a result I have tried many different treatments, many with little or no benefit.

I was lucky enough to meet Tricia Woolfrey who is something of an expert in treating people like me. So I bought her Overcome Chronic Fatigue hypnotherapy recording and listen to it regularly.  It makes a remarkable difference to my energy levels.

Tricia’s voice to be very soothing and relaxing. My mind is very active and I am something of an over-thinker, switching off my brain and relaxing is something I find nearly impossible. Tricia’s recording enables me to do this which is such a luxury.

I listen to it when I need an energy boost: far healthier than chocolate or caffeine and a lot more effective!! It is also a perfect way for me to end the day before a nights sleep, always waking far more refreshed.

I can highly recommend Tricia’s recording, I have not been disappointed with the results.”
Catherine Richardson, Surrey

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