Think Positive, Feel Good – a positive thinking book

  • Is negative thinking getting you down?
  • Is it affecting your relationships?  Your career?  Your health?
  • Would you like to develop new thinking patterns so you can enjoy life more?

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If you think positive, you feel good. 

If you are a negative thinker and your thinking patterns are having a negative impact on your life and your enjoyment of life, your relationships, your career or your health this book is for you.  Negative thinking can affect your confidence, your mood, your stress stress levels, your health and your relationships.  It can also cause you to comfort eat or drink (or other too-muching behaviour) in response to your emotions – neither of which solves the problem.

Think Positive, Feel Good Exercises

This workbook is full of exercises to help you think positive, because when you think positive, you feel good.  It will help you to transform your thinking and lead a more positive life. Simple to use and easy to follow, it is also full of useful and practical tips. Together with inspirational positive thinking quotes.

The 10-step Program

Think Positive Feel Good includes an easy ten-step program for you to follow and provides other simple methods to help you break your negative thinking pattern.

Think Positive, Feel Good Reviews

Read these reviews of Think Positive Feel Good:

“Tricia Woolfrey has created a very practical, step by step workbook to help overcome negative thinking patterns and develop new, more positive ways of thinking and therefore guiding ones life.  Everybody could use this to remind ourselves (when we need it); not only that we can do better, but HOW to do better.” –
Shelle Rose Charvet, author of Words That Change Minds: Mastering the Language of Influence.
“Using this handbook made me understand what negative thoughts I had.  It taught me how to challenge them and, most importantly, how to change them.  Thinking positively, I’m able to get on with my life and to enjoy any challenges that may face me in my new future.”
Mike W
“This is an inspiring read from start to finish, full of warmth and good advice.  It’s easy to follow and if you follow Tricia’s instructions you really will find yourself thinking more positively by the time you’ve finished the book. I particularly like the ‘workbook’ format which compels you to question the way you think and to take the necessary steps to change negative to positive.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who is prone to negative thinking as it will certainly guide the reader to a more positive outlook.”
HC, Surrey

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