The Presenting Coach (Book)

This book is designed to guide you in how to do great presentations whether you are a novice or not, for work or for a speech you need to make.

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What would it be like to have your own presenting coach to hand whenever you want one?  Whether your presentation is formal, like a business meeting, or informal, like a thank you speech, The Presenting Coach has lots of tips and techniques to help you give the best presentation confidently. And enjoy it too!

Of course, the more important the presentation, the greater the nerves.  The greater the nerves, the more difficult it is to put one together well and to deliver it well too.

The Presenting Coach will help you:

Understand what you need to achieve
Plan out your presentation
Prepare brilliant visual aids and handouts
Deliver your presentation with confidence
Make an impact at work

Presenting is one of life’s biggest fears.  But this book helps you overcome presenting nerves and helps you make presentations you are proud of and that people enjoy.  The book is packed with interactive exercises and self-assessment tools to help you reach your potential.

It also includes access to a range of free downloadable templates and resources which will help you develop even further.

As always, if you prefer working 1:1, or if you have any questions, you can always get in touch.






PS  If you like a bit of research, this suggests that presenting is more feared than death.