21 Ways and 21 Days To The Life You Want (Workbook)

I wonder what five words would best describe your life right now?  Think about it for a moment.  Does it feel a happy, fulfilling and rich life?  Is it how you want to live the rest of your days?  Or is it time for change?  Buy this book and find out how to do that.

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Are you living the life you want?  Are you frustrated that things aren’t working out exactly as you would hope and unsure why?  Often it is because we do not have clear goals or that our beliefs – that which we hold to be true – are limiting us.

This self improvement book is made of two parts:

1. 21 simple techniques to help you live your best life

2. A 21 day workbook to help you do it

What would you like to improve in your life?

  • Relationships?
  • Self-esteem?
  • Mood?
  • Life balance?
  • Health?
  • Weight?
  • Career?
  • Finances?

Making change easier

Whatever you want to change? this book can really help you move forward with practical exercises and a proven process to help you.  Through personal development, you will achieve a stronger sense of yourself and of your purpose so that you can live more simply, more fully and more richly.

It includes inspirational quotes and a thought for the day in your journal so that you stay inspired and motivated throughout your journey.  This book really guides you through with expert advice on 21 different factors which can have the most positive influence on being able to live your very best life.  Much more than a journal.  Much more than a self help book.  It helps you progress day by day through self-insight, thought provoking exercises and tools to give you clarity and inspiration.

Here is what one reader said:

“Many years ago I was a very sceptical person about self help books and hypnotherapy, but after having a bit of a mid-life crisis the likes of which I think everyone goes through sooner or later, I was pointed in the direction of Tricia Woolfrey. I was stunned at the achievements I made in a very short space of time. I visited Tricia on several occasions for direct one to one therapy after which I decided to give Tricia’s book a try to see if I could benefit from a book of this nature.

Very quickly I was surprised by its effectiveness in giving me the tools to tackle day to day challenges as well as longer deep rooted issues. I can’t thank Tricia enough for such a great book and as mentioned in a previous review, I refer back to the book on a regular basis for a boost to my way of thinking. I especially like the way the book is more like a workbook, by asking you to interact and answer key questions that allow you to make good, solid decisions which have great meaning and offer clear paths to achieving so much more. This is most definitely one of the better decisions I’ve made when in comes to buying a book.”
David North

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