Lucky BreakDo you feel that all you need is a lucky break?

You’ve been working hard and now it is time for things to go your way?

Perhaps it’s work related, or a relationship is floundering or your finances have taken a turn.  We all feel that luck is not on our side sometimes and it can feel so unfair when the effort has been there but not the results.  Where is a lucky break when you need one?


What to do?

So, what do you do?  Give up?  Wait?  Hope?  Could it really be that some people are just unlucky and ‘some guys have all the luck’ as the song goes?  Or do you make your own luck?  Luck seems to be a combination of effort, opportunity and a positive attitude.  Here are some questions to focus your mind on improving your results:


5 Questions to ask yourself to increase your ‘luck’

  1. Have you taken the right steps towards your goal?

    Sometimes it is as simple as the effort being in the wrong activity – one which will not yield the results nearly as well as something else.  For example, if it is your goal to improve your relationship with your partner, simply avoiding answering back is not going to be enough to deepen your relationship.  You may also need to work on the style of your communication, your helpfulness, your ability to empathise, knowing when to compromise, etc.  So, avoiding answering back only has a small impact.
  2. Have you given it enough time?

    Most ‘unlucky’ people tend to give up too soon with success just around the corner.  As a culture we seem to have been seduced by the idea of instant results and instant gratification as if it is our right.  But anything worthwhile takes time.
  3. Are your efforts consistent?   Doing a lot of different things inconsistently is unlikely to work.  So, if you are worried about your finances, it isn’t enough to simply find a better paying job or to find a new credit card with zero interest if your relationship with money doesn’t change – this requires a consistent approach.  You are simply buying time before you experience further problems.

  4. If there was a learning in this for you, what would it be?

    I love this question.  It helps you move out of ‘poor me’ thinking into the deeper meaning of a situation.  For example, let’s say you have been working towards getting a particular job and you didn’t get it.  Perhaps the learning may be that the job you were aiming for was the one you thought you should.  But, if you were being really honest with yourself, it didn’t really fill you with joy even though you thought it would impress others.  Sometimes in asking the question about what learning is there, people slip further into ‘poor me’ mode such as “Nothing good happens to me”.  But there is always a positive learning, one which is empowering, liberating or enlightening.  So, with the job example, the learning might be to be a lot more particular about what is right for you rather than what will impress others.
  5. How good are you at spotting things going right?

    Sometimes we are so focussed on what is going wrong that we miss the good stuff, including opportunities.  Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, this can really interfere with your ability to build on what’s good, and your ability to attract good experiences, both of which have a direct impact on whether you feel lucky.

Need Help Creating More Luck?

It is really worth looking at how you are getting in your own way.  Hopefully these questions will help point you in the right direction.  As always, if you need more help, do get in touch on 0345 130 0854. We can then see where you need to make changes so your luck gets better!