Am I Co-Dependent?

Am I Co-Dependent?Co-dependency is a psychological state characterised by the need to protect or control other people and is often accompanied by self-neglect. People who suffer from co-dependency live a life that is based on others and their needs without taking care of themselves.




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Food Intolerance Testing Facts

The Sunday Times Food Intolerance Test Article ResponseTen Things the Sunday Times Didn’t Tell You About Food Intolerance Testing

I can imagine how tough it is to be a journalist. You have to sell papers and you have to report the news. And you have to do it at speed. It can be a challenge, I’m sure. I had an incident last week where a reporter was doing some undercover research which resulted in a report which did not have the time or space to reflect a balanced perspective. I was pretty impressed that her appointment with me was Friday at 3pm and the article was in the Sunday papers. Impartial news isn’t very interesting – I get that. But it isn’t fair on you not to have the information which was missed out.

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Stage Hypnosis versus Hypnotherapy


A new TV show has been launched which usually raises questions about the difference between stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  There are a number of important differences which I am going to share with you here.  
However, let’s start with some similarities:


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