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Healthy Responses to Negative Feelings

Understanding feelingsIn the last article, I explained that feelings are your signposts to what is happening in your life.  We explored the seven main negative emotions which, when ignored can cause them to become stronger, as though they are shouting to be heard.   When you listen to what your feelings are telling you and respond appropriately, you are on your way to feeling a lot better about yourself, gaining perspective on a situation and having a healthier relationship with yourself and others.  Yet, we tend to suppress, repress and distract, often with what I call “too-muching” behaviours like eating more, drinking more, smoking more,  spending more time on social media or buying something else you don’t need.

However, these just cause the feelings to become more powerful as they fight for acknowledgement.  Failing to do so can lead to health problems, depression, relationship problems and more.  So, once you have acknowledged the feeling, what should you do about it?  This article offers some constructive ways of dealing with negative feelings.

There are three main ways you can help yourself: Continue reading

Feelings Unravelled

Feelings are often labelled good or bad as if they are something to be sought (ie happiness) or avoided (ie sadness).  But feelings are much more than this and have an essential function in our emotional and psychological wellbeing.

If your feelings could talk, what would they say?  Feelings are the physical representation of emotion.  They communicate your wants and needs.  They tell you when you are happy and when something isn’t right.

Yet, all too often, we ignore the negative ones.  Sometimes this is because of the way we were brought up (it isn’t nice to be angry; big boys don’t cry, etc) and sometimes it’s because Continue reading

Are You Ready?


Do you want something in your life to be different?  Perhaps to overcome a habit, increase self-esteem, improve a situation, develop a skill or manage stress more effectively?  All change has 5 phases, according to the work of Prochaska and Di Clemente.  It’s worth knowing these to see a) where you are and b) where you want to be.  This article will help you to understand that. Continue reading

10 Tips for Developing Emotional Resilience

Emotional ResilienceAs I write this, Mental Health Awareness week is coming up.  But I find the term Mental Health unhelpful and creates a stigma which belies the real-world problems which many of us face at some time or another:  stress, anxiety, depression and grief.  The antonym of Mental Health is Emotional Resilience.  So here are some tips to help you develop this important resource so that when things get tough, you are able to bounce-back more easily: Continue reading

10 Tips to Achieve your New Year’s Resolutions

Achieve Your New Years ResolutionsAnother year, another set of New Years’ Resolutions! Each year most of us make resolutions which we fail to keep. Why is this? Often we have what is called “secondary gains” to a problem. This means that, even though there is a part of us that wants something, there can be another part of us that is actually benefiting from the problem in some way. Secondary gains can be unconscious – something we are not aware of – and very powerful in sabotaging our best intentions. The other block to achieving our resolutions is that it may necessitate us giving up something to achieve it. 

No wonder most people don’t achieve their resolutions! But what is the answer?
There are a number of steps which you can take which help you to achieve what it is that you want:

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Willpower Myths

Willpower mythsWhy More Willpower is Not the Answer

Willpower myths are what stand in the way of long-term change for many people.  One thing I dread when meeting a client for the first time is if they ask for more willpower.  It’s not that I don’t think having willpower is valuable – it is.  It helps you overcome impulse and achieve goals.  But the reason I am not a fan of it being the thing is that it’s an awful lot of work, isn’t it? 


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How to Choose a Hypnotherapist

How to Choose a HypnotherapistChoosing a hypnotherapist is both difficult and easy.  This article helps you understand how to choose a hypnotherapist so you make the right decision for you.

Let’s do the easy bit first.  If you Google ‘hypnotherapist’ you will see hundreds of them.  Even if you narrow it down to your area, you will see many options.  So finding one is not the hard bit.



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Am I Co-Dependent?

Am I Co-Dependent?Co-dependency is a psychological state characterised by the need to protect or control other people and is often accompanied by self-neglect. People who suffer from co-dependency live a life that is based on others and their needs without taking care of themselves.




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Food Intolerance Testing Facts

The Sunday Times Food Intolerance Test Article ResponseTen Things the Sunday Times Didn’t Tell You About Food Intolerance Testing

I can imagine how tough it is to be a journalist. You have to sell papers and you have to report the news. And you have to do it at speed. It can be a challenge, I’m sure. I had an incident last week where a reporter was doing some undercover research which resulted in a report which did not have the time or space to reflect a balanced perspective. I was pretty impressed that her appointment with me was Friday at 3pm and the article was in the Sunday papers. Impartial news isn’t very interesting – I get that. But it isn’t fair on you not to have the information which was missed out.

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Stage Hypnosis versus Hypnotherapy


A new TV show has been launched which usually raises questions about the difference between stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  There are a number of important differences which I am going to share with you here.  
However, let’s start with some similarities:


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