Most of us have habits we want to break, traits we want to refine or skills we want to develop.  But it can be hard.  Why?  Because we are working against ingrained programming that have developed over our lifetime.  Some of them are inherited traits (nature) and others have formed through the passage of time (nurture).

However, just because this is part of your programming, doesn’t mean you are stuck with them for life.  The principles of neuroplasticity prove that you can, literally, change your mind.

The brain forms connections each time something is learned or repeated.  The more they are repeated, the stronger the pattern.


How to program your mind

You can reprogram your mind by training it.  Just as you would train for a marathon, you don’t expect to be able to do it without a lot of preparation.  This includes creating flexibility, building muscle and building endurance.  This takes time, diligence and persistence.

However, somehow we expect the infinitely complex structure of our brain to change on a whim.  But it too takes time, diligence and persistence.  This way new neural pathways are formed so that old habits fall away, to be replaced by ones you choose, so you can be the best version of yourself.


Change is an inside job

An Inside Job ™ self-hypnosis program has been designed to do this for you.  Simple, structured and effective, it helps you program your mind.  Whatever your goals for yourself (common ones are weight loss, anger management, assertiveness, deal with anxiety, become more positive, get over a relationship, improve a relationship, develop a success mindset and more) it can help you.  Other benefits include:

  • A greater sense of peace and calm
  • Less stress
  • Emotional resilience so you bounce back from setbacks more easily
  • Increased motivation for life in general and your goals in particular
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Neutralise resistance to change
  • Resolve inner conflict

I am running a course to teach this on the 13th May.  Attendees get to spend time learning it and go away with tools for life, together with a copy of the book and CD.

Or, if you prefer to do things for yourself, the book and CD are available from my products page.

Whether you choose to buy the book, or join me for live training in an intimate environment, reprogramming your mind is easier than you think.