For hypnotherapy and coaching, the initial price is £225 for a 1.5 hour session.  The first hour is completely no obligation so you can be sure it is the right thing for you before committing to the whole session.  After that, the price is £170 per hour.  Some people buy six at a 10% discount, which has the benefit the discount being preserved if you need extra sessions. It also it allows you to pre-book all your sessions if you wish.

Food intolerance testing is £120, or £170 if you want a full wellness session to look at what might be causing the symptoms you are concerned about.  This is recommended as food intolerances are just a small part of the health picture.

If you don’t want the ‘pay as you go’ option above, there are also various packages for weight issues, smoking, stress resilience and 1:1 retreats.

Thank you so much for this afternoon …. I feel so much calmer and free from all the emotions that have been weighing me down.
JJ, London