Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a skill which affects your happiness and success more than anything else.  Without it, you can suffer emotional hijacks, poor relationships and career challenges.  When you have a good level of emotional intelligence, you know yourself well, have strong self-esteem, excellent rapport, a good understanding of others, have appropriate levels of self-management and a high degree of self-motivation.  The past will not affect your present and you will have a perspective on situations which means that the little things don’t become the big things in life.

Self-management includes being able to choose your responses to situations so that relationships can thrive, you are honouring your own values, setting appropriate boundaries, and are free from distracting behaviour which many people use to disguise their emotions and stress, such as:

  • Comfort eating
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Addition to social media
  • Retail ‘therapy’
  • Gambling
  • Workaholism

If you suspect that your EQ could be better, why not book a session?  It is never to late to invest in yourself and your future.