Control Your Anger Hypnosis CD and MP3

Control Your Anger Hypnosis CD And MP3

CD £15 plus postage

MP3 £10 Download

Control Your Anger Hypnosis CD and MP3

  • Is anger affecting your life?
  • Do you have outbursts you later regret?
  • Do you want to start taking control of your anger, instead of your anger controlling you?

This hypnosis CD (or MP3) is designed to help you manage your anger constructively.  It can be played at night whilst you sleep or whenever you are relaxing.  Anger is a natural emotion, but if expressed incorrectly, it can affect your relationships, career and your health.  When you know how to use it correctly, it will help you set boundaries and deal with disappointment in a positive way.  If frustrations make you explode or implode, this hypnosis recording is for you.  Includes a leaflet with tips and inspirational quotes to help you on your journey.

Play it for 30 days or until you notice significant improvements and whenever you need to after that.

Just £15, or £10 for MP3 (without leaflet).   You don't have to wait a moment longer to start to feel better.  Click on the Buy Now button above to receive your product.  Enjoy!


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