Need a Lucky Break? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Need a lucky breakDo you feel that all you need is a lucky break?  You’ve been working hard and now it is time for things to go your way?

Perhaps it’s work related, or a relationship is floundering or your finances have taken a turn.  We all feel that luck is not on our side sometimes and it can feel so unfair when the effort has been there but not the results.

What to do?

So, what do you do?  Give up?  Wait?  Hope?  Could it really be that some people are just unlucky and ‘some guys have all the luck’ as the song goes?  Or do you make your own luck?  Luck seems to be a combination of effort, opportunity and a positive attitude.  Here are some questions to focus your mind on improving your results:

5 Questions to ask yourself to increase your ‘luck’

  1. Have you taken the right steps towards your goal? Sometimes it is as simple as the effort being in the wrong activity – one which will not yield the results nearly as well as something else.  For example, if it is your goal to improve your relationship with your partner, simply avoiding answering back is not going to be enough to deepen your relationship.  You may also need to work on the style of your communication, your helpfulness, your ability to empathise, knowing when to compromise, etc.  So, avoiding answering back only has a small impact.
  2. Have you given it enough time? Most ‘unlucky’ people tend to give up too soon with success just around the corner.  As a culture we seem to have been seduced by the idea of instant results and instant gratification as if it is our right.  But anything worthwhile takes time. 
  3. Are your efforts consistent?   Doing a lot of different things inconsistently is unlikely to work.  So, if you are worried about your finances, it isn’t enough to simply find a better paying job or to find a new credit card with zero interest if your relationship with money doesn’t change – this requires a consistent approach.  You are simply buying time before you experience further problems.
  4. If there was a learning in this for you, what would it be? I love this question.  It helps you move out of ‘poor me’ thinking into the deeper meaning of a situation.  For example, let’s say you have been working towards getting a particular job and you didn’t get it.  Perhaps the learning may be that the job you were aiming for was the one you thought you should  But, if you were being really honest with yourself, didn’t really fill you with joy even though you thought it would impress others.  Sometimes in asking the question about what learning is there, people slip further into ‘poor me’ mode such as “Nothing good happens to me”.  But there is always a positive learning, one which is empowering, liberating or enlightening.  So, with the job example, the learning might be to be a lot more particular about what is right for you rather than what will impress others.
  5. How good are you at spotting things going right? Sometimes we are so focussed on what is going wrong that we miss the good stuff, including opportunities.  Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, this can really interfere with your ability to build on what’s good, and your ability to attract good experiences, both of which have a direct impact on whether you feel lucky.

It is really worth looking at how you are getting in your own way.  Hopefully these questions will help point you in the right direction but, if you need more help, do get in touch on 0345 130 0854 so we can see where you need to make changes so your luck gets better!



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What You Need to Know About Your Gut Instinct

What you need to know about your gut instinct

How many times are you told to listen to your gut?  It is supposed to be the seat of your instinct:  that biological tendency to react in a particular way.  It’s subliminal, meaning that it doesn’t come from conscious thought, but a sense of ‘knowing’.

Often we ignore it at our peril.  But also, at times, we pay too much attention to it at our peril.  Why?  Because it may not be what it seems:  You have a part of your psyche which protects you from harm.  Sometimes it can be so protective that it in itself causes harm because it makes decisions based on fear rather than from a sense of your highest good.

If you have ever not gone for that dream job because ‘where you are isn’t so bad’;  or you haven’t had the important conversation with someone because ‘the time isn’t right’;  or you didn’t ask someone for a date in case you got a ‘no’, you will know what I’m talking about.  It is the part of you that is ruled by fear of success, failure, rejection and more.  This isn’t your true instinct but your fear.  And it can be pretty good at convincing you otherwise – giving you a lot of excuses why you think this way.  But it blocks your ability to grow, to widen your comfort zone, to become the best version of yourself and to live a full life.

Getting in touch with your gut

So, what can you do about it?  Here are four techniques to help you: Continue reading

To Rise or to Fall

Are you falling to the level of your excuses or rising to the level of your potential?

We often have two choices:  to fall to the level of our excuses, or to rise to the level of our potential.  I heard that phrase somewhere and it really struck a chord. 

But, boy can that sofa be tempting.  And the ironing seem alluring.  And haven’t you done enough to deserve catching up on your favourite box-set?

But excuses lead to a much less comfortable place:  the place of regret.  Continue reading

10 Reasons for Life Being Off Track

Life Off-Track

I’m not sure whether your life is on-track or off-track.  I’m not even sure if you had a plan for your life at all.  But for many, life is not quite panning out.  You will know if life isn’t on track if you feel a sense of frustration or ‘is this it?’.  Or maybe you lack balance in your life or a sense of flow and fulfillment.

So, I thought I would share with you 10 possible reasons for this.  There are, of course, many more.  See if any of these are true for you, even a little.  Because you only have to be 1% out to find yourself a few years down the line far away from your intended destination:

Continue reading

How to Reprogram Your Mind

Stress management surreyMost of us have habits we want to break, traits we want to refine or skills we want to develop.  But it can be hard.  Why?  Because we are working against ingrained programming that have developed over our lifetime.  Some of them are inherited traits (nature) and others have formed through the passage of time (nurture). 

However, just because this is part of your programming, doesn’t mean you are stuck with them for life.  The principles of neuroplasticity prove that you can, literally, change your mind. 

The brain forms connections each time something is Continue reading

Today is the Future You Created Yesterday

stress management surrey

Whatever you believe to be true about life, one thing is certain – time passes whether you like it or not. This, in turn, means that one of three things have happened:

1. You have moved closer to your goals
2. You have stayed where you are
3. You have slipped backwards

Today is tomorrow’s yesterday and whatever decisions you make today will affect your tomorrows.

Continue reading

5 Reasons Resolutions Fail and What You Can Do About It

New Year Resolutions

A few days into 2017 and already many New Year’s Resolutions will be faltering, despite best intentions.  This isn’t because people are weak but because the psyche is complicated.  Knowing how to navigate the obstacles to achieve what you want for yourself is important if you are serious about making change happen.  Most resolutions are about breaking bad habits.  This is trickier than learning a new skill because first of all you are unlearning another skill – one which has become a default pattern and which you can do without thinking.  Change, therefore requires thought and attention.

This article shares with you five top reasons that change is difficult and what you can do about them.

Continue reading

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